Monday, February 1, 2016

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Different Perspectives: The Day Before Your A Race

There's a lot of excitement and anxious energy building the day before a big race. We asked some of our extended writing and coaching team what they do on race day minus one.

Ask the Experts: John Cobb - Part II

John Cobb, bike fit and aerodynamics expert, recently took the time to answer Endurance Corner team member questions. We're sharing his responses as part of a series throughout the summer. In this second part, John provides answers to questions about hilly courses.

In Our Corner: Larry Creswell

by Nick Mathers, EC Team Member

This month we sat down with with Larry Creswell, M.D., a cardiac surgeon in Jackson, Mississippi, and another of Endurance Corner's expanded writing team. Larry's going to be traveling to his fourth international ironman this year and he shares his thoughts on racing out of the country, as well as providing insights into healthy living.

Ask the Experts: John Cobb - Part I

John Cobb, bike fit and aerodynamics expert, recently took the time to answer Endurance Corner team member questions. We'll share his responses over the coming weeks as part of a series. Up first: questions and answers about bike fit.

Different Perspectives: When to Pull the Plug

Most of us want to avoid the dreaded "zero" in our training logs, but sometimes deciding to skip a session or cut a workout short is the best decision. We asked some of our extended writing team to share their thoughts on when they'll opt out of a training session.

In Our Corner: Mimi Winsberg

by Nick Mathers, EC Team Member

This month, we're talking with Mimi Winsberg, M.D., an Endurance Corner team member from San Francisco. A mother of two and a psychiatrist, Mimi recently qualified for her second trip to Kona at Oceanside 70.3 and also placed third in her age group at the inaugural Ironman St. George. Mimi took some time to share the story of her evolution from "triathlon participant" to elite age-grouper.

In Our Corner: Bob Albright

by Nick Mathers, EC Team Member

This month, we're talking with Endurance Corner team member Bob Albright, D.O., from Rochester, Minn. As one of the new regular writers on Endurance Corner, Bob will be drawing on his experience as a physician and triathlete. Bob took some time to fill us in on his background and approach to training for his fifth trip to Ironman Wisconsin.


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Our Team

Endurance Corner was founded in 2007 in Boulder, Colorado with the goal of providing elite level coaching, training camps and frequent sports-related editorials through our website. Over the years our team of coaches has grown to include some of the sport's best minds and athletes.

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Dates for 2015 will be July 5-July 11. Training will be from Monday, July 6 through Saturday, July 11.

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  • First Class Joint Hons – Econ/Finance – McGill University, Canada
  • Ten years Private Equity based Europe and Asia
  • Ten years Elite Athlete based in New Zealand, Bermuda and America
  • Author, Going Long, over 50,000 copies sold
  • Winner Ultraman Hawaii 2002
  • Husband and Father

Unique Experiences

  • A track record of success through hard work that extends over 20 years
  • Became a world-class athlete starting at 30 years old with no prior elite experience
  • Became an international partner of a leading Private Equity firm at 26 years old
  • Co-Founder European Property Investment Business ($250 Million Capitalization)
  • Transaction experience in UK, India, Thailand and Hong Kong
  • Industry experience in Express Delivery, Hotels, Residential Property Development, Mining and Pub/Restaurant sectors
  • Recession experience in UK (90-92), Asia (mid-90s) and Global (2008 onwards)

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My preferred way to interact with athletes is shoulder-to-shoulder at the training camps that we host throughout the year. In my opinion, you will learn much more from a week spent living triathlon with me than just about any other investment you can make in your performance.

Here at Endurance Corner, our main business line is our endurance team, which offers excellent value ($125 per month) and access to the entire Endurance Corner professional team.

I am available for consultations at $250 per session including: running through your agenda via telephone, reviewing your notes as well as post-call follow up. I find the post-call follow-up is essential to make sure that we communicated effectively.

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Coach Alan

My background is in elite swim coaching at the National and International level with various Australian swim programs. I have, at various points in my career, worked with & studied under:

- Doug Frost (former coach of Ian Thorpe)
- Bill Sweetenham (former head coach of the Australian National Team)
- Gennadi Touretski (coach of former 100m world record holder, Alex Popov).

I swam competitively in my younger days and am now applying that same passion to triathlon and exercise science.

I work with a wide range of ability levels, from professional to recreational athletes. I have had the greatest success with "regular folks" who want to move to the 'next level' that is both enjoyable & maintainable in the context of their daily lives.


If you are looking for breakthrough swim coaching, or fit pregnancy consulting then Coach Monica the right person for the job. She's pictured at 39 Weeks.

The Boulder-based team also takes on specific consulting assignments in the following areas:
- Race Execution Reviews
- Annual Planning Consultations
- Physiological and Performance Testing
- Nutritional Reviews and Assistance
- Bio-mechanical Analysis and Technical Coaching

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Prices run $75 to $250 per session depending on the nature of your needs. We do face-to-face, telephone and email consulting. As well, remote clients can share video via YouTube for techique tips.

Specialist Medical Consulting
Jeff Shilt M.D.

For athletes with acute or chronic injuries, I see them in my orthopaedic practice in Boise, Idaho.

If it is a chronic injury, I will typically schedule this visit as the last for the day. I prefer to do a physical exam and then do a training session with the athlete that exposes the symptoms, whether it be swimming/biking/running. I bill the insurance company for these visits.

My training philosophy is the result of my past experiences, learning at Epic Camps and training with Gordo. Therefore, there is a basic theme based upon consistency and volume. I use my medical background to supplement training schedules with building biomechanical fitness and maintaining healthy, life-long goals. I take particular interest in Triathlon Newbies, navigating a safe plan that will put them on course towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Tucson Camp - February 2016

February 21-28, 2016 with training running Monday to Saturday

Cyclists welcome -- all swim/run sessions are optional.


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EC Team Member, Brady DeHoust shares answers to FAQ:

The Group Dynamic
Worked well for me. The purpose of the camp for each ranged from IM prep and big volume, to getting away from home and riding through some gorgeous parts of the US. Nonetheless, everyone was there in good spirits and positive attitudes. With the duration of the camp, I don't think there was enough time to get "training-angry", so the overall mood was good all week. I'm preparing for IM CDA (late June), so the camp fit nicely timing wise. Plus, it'd allow the opportunity to chat 1:1 with Gordo and the other coaches - which proved invaluable (see Coaches section).

The Daily Routine


Our Premium Level Coaching Program, Starting at $375/month paid quarterly in advance

  • Review of goals and objectives
  • Annual training plan constructed
  • Training schedule blocks (2-4 weeks) provided via TrainingPeaks.Com
  • Telephone Call before/after each block
  • Schedule modifications provided based on need
  • Unlimited communication via email and text
  • Access to our team forum where you have access to our full roster of coaches and experts
  • “A” race plan covered in detail
  • General and race day nutrition consulting
  • Power and HR consulting

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