Monday, February 1, 2016


Triathlon Training - Ride More to Run Better

Bike endurance is key to improving run endurance...

G, assuming I understood you correctly, this is one the principles I walked away with from the recent Tri Camp. I'm sure this issue has been covered in the past but couldn't find anything in the archives or on your web site that specifically addresses this issue -- forgive me if I missed it.

I was wondering if you could elaborate a bit since it's not intuitive to me why having a solid bike endurance is key to improving your run endurance. Is this also a reflection of the statement that your long run should never be more than 2.5 - 3hrs? Clearly, many (or most) of us will be out there for 4+ hours on the run in an IM so I'm curious to better understand if these are related, or, just a better understanding of how bike endurance is so key.

Thanks, Chris

I posted some thoughts below in the "speedwork thread". The poster is a good example of why I think this way. Many fit athletes are: (a) not able to run the marathon; (b) run 60+ min slower than their 'clean' marathon times; or (c) run far slower than their training times. If they eat and drink appropriately then the only reason I can see for this is exhaustion caused by poor pacing or an endurance limiter.

As most of us find out on race day, there is a big difference between 112 mies with breaks/chatting and 112 miles on AeT without stopping.

As you remember from the camp -- I kind of beat this one to death with my 40 min opener! So it's tough to sum-up. However, between this post and the other below, people should be getting the idea. If someone doesn't 'get it' then simply ride five hours sitting on AeT. After about three hours, it will become very clear.