Monday, February 1, 2016

Jeff Fejfar

Prepare to Win

Every year, thousands of triathletes come up with some wonderful goals at the beginning of a season: complete their first triathlon, set a new personal best, lose 50 pounds, make the top 50% of their USA Triathlon age-group rankings, podium at their local race, qualify for the world championships, earn an elite l

The Heat is On!

I live in the Memphis-metro area and we are in the middle of summer. That means daily temperatures of 90 F or greater, morning humidity of 95-100% and heat indexes topping out at 110 F or more! This can be normal for multiple parts of the US and many areas around the world during summer.

Triathlon is Boring

Don’t get me wrong, I love training. I love racing. I even love watching other athletes competing. The closer the athlete is to me, be it a close friend, an athlete I coach, or even my wife, the more I enjoy cheering. To me triathlon is very exciting, but maybe I should explain a little more.