Monday, February 1, 2016

Team Interviews

Justin Daerr Ironman Boulder Interview with IMTalk

EC's own Justin Daerr was interviewed about his recent Ironman Boulder win by John and Bevan at IMTalk.

Check out the latest podcast for the interview.

In Our Corner: Jeff Shilt

Jeff Shilt, M.D. -- or Dr. J as he’s known on Endurance Corner -- has been part of the EC network since the beginning. Jeff took some time to chat with us about his approach to endurance sport as an athlete, physician and coach.

In Our Corner: Paul Linck

Paul Linck has been tearing up the field in the 45-49 age group, winning his AG with a stellar 9:36 at this year’s Ironman Coeur d’Alene, a second in last weekend’s Ironman Louisville, and multiple AG podiums in half ironman events around the country. We caught up with Paul to talk about his development in the sport from beginner four years ago to one of the top AG racers in the country.

In Our Corner: Mike Coughlin

Mike Coughlin is an experienced Endurance Corner athlete with Ultraman Canada, Kona, Epic Camp and multiple AG podiums on his resume. We took some time to talk with him about his background, his recent focus on Ultraman and his views on coaching.

In Our Corner: Slater Fletcher - Part I: Completing the Aloha Triple

This past fall, EC team member Slater Fletcher completed what Gordo termed “The Aloha Triple” -- the trifecta of triathlon world championships in Hawaii: Ironman in Kona, Xterra in Maui and Ultraman back on the Big Island.

We took some time to chat with Slater about his approach to training for these three huge races essentially run back to back.

In Our Corner: Marilyn McDonald

We’re doing things a little different this month and are profiling one of the EC coaches: Marilyn McDonald. Marilyn is a former elite equestrian show jumper, a former elite triathlete with a win at Ironman Malaysia and multiple top 10 places on her resume, and most recently was an elite cyclist in the pro peloton. Marilyn is also married to elite triathlete and ironman champion Chris McDonald.

In Our Corner: Slater Fletcher

Slater Fletcher broke out big this year, qualifying for Kona at his first iron-distance race at the inaugural St. George Ironman. Since then, he’s qualified for Xterra Worlds for the second year in a row. Because that wasn’t enough World Championship events for him, Slater was accepted to compete in this year’s Ultraman.

For those keeping count, that’s three huge events in two months: Ironman World Championships in Kona this weekend, Xterra World Championships in Maui at the end of October and Ultraman World Championships back on the Big Island at the end of November.

He recently took some time to answer a few questions about his great year, give some insight into his training and explain why he wanted to go for the Aloha Triple.

In Our Corner: Kevin Coady

by Nick Mathers

September is “Elite Lifestyle” month on Endurance Corner and we’ll be profiling a number of our top athletes and coaches. We’re kicking things off by speaking with Kevin Coady from Pleasanton, California. Kevin recently qualified for Kona at Ironman Coeur d’Alene where he finished third in his age group after running a 3:10 -- the 12th fastest run of the day.

In Our Corner: Larry Creswell

by Nick Mathers, EC Team Member

This month we sat down with with Larry Creswell, M.D., a cardiac surgeon in Jackson, Mississippi, and another of Endurance Corner's expanded writing team. Larry's going to be traveling to his fourth international ironman this year and he shares his thoughts on racing out of the country, as well as providing insights into healthy living.

In Our Corner: Mimi Winsberg

by Nick Mathers, EC Team Member

This month, we're talking with Mimi Winsberg, M.D., an Endurance Corner team member from San Francisco. A mother of two and a psychiatrist, Mimi recently qualified for her second trip to Kona at Oceanside 70.3 and also placed third in her age group at the inaugural Ironman St. George. Mimi took some time to share the story of her evolution from "triathlon participant" to elite age-grouper.

In Our Corner: Bob Albright

by Nick Mathers, EC Team Member

This month, we're talking with Endurance Corner team member Bob Albright, D.O., from Rochester, Minn. As one of the new regular writers on Endurance Corner, Bob will be drawing on his experience as a physician and triathlete. Bob took some time to fill us in on his background and approach to training for his fifth trip to Ironman Wisconsin.