Sunday, January 31, 2016


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  • First Class Joint Hons – Econ/Finance – McGill University, Canada
  • Ten years Private Equity based Europe and Asia
  • Ten years Elite Athlete based in New Zealand, Bermuda and America
  • Author, Going Long, over 50,000 copies sold
  • Winner Ultraman Hawaii 2002
  • Husband and Father

Unique Experiences

  • A track record of success through hard work that extends over 20 years
  • Became a world-class athlete starting at 30 years old with no prior elite experience
  • Became an international partner of a leading Private Equity firm at 26 years old
  • Co-Founder European Property Investment Business ($250 Million Capitalization)
  • Transaction experience in UK, India, Thailand and Hong Kong
  • Industry experience in Express Delivery, Hotels, Residential Property Development, Mining and Pub/Restaurant sectors
  • Recession experience in UK (90-92), Asia (mid-90s) and Global (2008 onwards)