Sunday, January 31, 2016


If you are looking for breakthrough swim coaching, or fit pregnancy consulting then Coach Monica the right person for the job. She's pictured at 39 Weeks.

The Boulder-based team also takes on specific consulting assignments in the following areas:
- Race Execution Reviews
- Annual Planning Consultations
- Physiological and Performance Testing
- Nutritional Reviews and Assistance
- Bio-mechanical Analysis and Technical Coaching

Contact Gordo with a summary of your needs and he will point you in the right direction.

Prices run $75 to $250 per session depending on the nature of your needs. We do face-to-face, telephone and email consulting. As well, remote clients can share video via YouTube for techique tips.

Specialist Medical Consulting
Jeff Shilt M.D.

For athletes with acute or chronic injuries, I see them in my orthopaedic practice in Boise, Idaho.

If it is a chronic injury, I will typically schedule this visit as the last for the day. I prefer to do a physical exam and then do a training session with the athlete that exposes the symptoms, whether it be swimming/biking/running. I bill the insurance company for these visits.

My training philosophy is the result of my past experiences, learning at Epic Camps and training with Gordo. Therefore, there is a basic theme based upon consistency and volume. I use my medical background to supplement training schedules with building biomechanical fitness and maintaining healthy, life-long goals. I take particular interest in Triathlon Newbies, navigating a safe plan that will put them on course towards a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.