Monday, February 1, 2016

Our Services

Coach Gordo

My preferred way to interact with athletes is shoulder-to-shoulder at the training camps that we host throughout the year. In my opinion, you will learn much more from a week spent living triathlon with me than just about any other investment you can make in your performance.

Here at Endurance Corner, our main business line is our endurance team, which offers excellent value ($125 per month) and access to the entire Endurance Corner professional team.

I am available for consultations at $250 per session including: running through your agenda via telephone, reviewing your notes as well as post-call follow up. I find the post-call follow-up is essential to make sure that we communicated effectively.

Click my name (above) to contact me with your needs. If I can't help then I'll try to find you someone that can.

Coach Alan

My background is in elite swim coaching at the National and International level with various Australian swim programs. I have, at various points in my career, worked with & studied under:

- Doug Frost (former coach of Ian Thorpe)
- Bill Sweetenham (former head coach of the Australian National Team)
- Gennadi Touretski (coach of former 100m world record holder, Alex Popov).

I swam competitively in my younger days and am now applying that same passion to triathlon and exercise science.

I work with a wide range of ability levels, from professional to recreational athletes. I have had the greatest success with "regular folks" who want to move to the 'next level' that is both enjoyable & maintainable in the context of their daily lives.

My educational background is a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology with a double major in Sport Psychology. I have Australian certifications for swim coaching (Level 2), triathlon coaching (Level 1) and strength and conditioning coaching (Level 1). In addition, I have U.S. certifications as an NSCA strength and conditioning coach, an NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and I am a Certified Nutritionist.

My one-on-one clients receive a completely customized workout plan that is tailored to your abilities, goals and lifestyle, regular (weekly) contact with me to discuss and amend your plan as needed and indirect access and advice from our mastermind team here in Boulder.

Coach Justin

Over the last four years I have had the pleasure of working with my current (and only) coach, Joe Friel (World Famous coach, author and founder of Joe has advanced my understanding of training, physiology, and the art of “peaking.” I am now working with a fantastic group of endurance experts at Endurance Corner in Boulder, CO who are helping me to continue this lifelong learning process.

My past experiences have helped to formulate the coaching philosophies that I presently implement. I believe that every athlete has individual strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed. No one training protocol can be applied across the board, but the underlying component for success is consistent work. Long terms goals are achieved by accomplishing daily, weekly and monthly goals along the way.

Together we will arrange a schedule that is customized to your own needs and allows you to maximize your life in and out of sport. I do require the use of a power meter on the bike (absolutely essential, in my opinion, to gathering objective feedback to help you progress). I only coach five athletes at a time so appropriate attention can always be given towards your needs.