Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Advanced Run Camp Tips


I have been building up my running quite significantly (last week was 120km, this week is recovery so far less), but will have 3 more weeks of big miles on the run. What do you think of two long runs a week (one of 2h with AeT work and one around 2h30' over hills)? did it last week and a few times before, with no problems to recover...just feels stronger after each run. Usually first one on monday, second on thursday. running all the other days.


I like that structure and have done up to three long runs in a 7-10 day period. When I was training for Ultraman, I once tried three long runs in a row (worked OK but you sure end up going slow!).

Things to watch when when extending mileage as well as session duration:

  • Downhill, the downs can wear you out and trash your legs. For this reason, when doing high volume, I think that two hilly runs is probably the limit -- three max.
  • Intensity, as soon as you are exploring new boundaries for frequency, distance or duration -- only one run above AeT (that run has a cap of AeT+10) -- one set of strides (if you have the pop, I normally don't).
  • Swim volume, swim as much as you can given your recovery needs. No Threshold sets but mod-hard, steady and strength work (Medley) is fine. Sprints on long recoveries are OK (again, I avoid with my own training).
  • Strength, if you lift then keep lifting, clearly it will need to be Maintenance.
  • Easy spins are OK but all I can manage is cruising to the pool and back -- even then, I normally drive. My bike volume falls way down in run camp so these camps are best early in the season and/or a long way out from an A race.

It can take six months, or over a year (!), for the benefits of improved durability to show.

When going long, don't sweat the pace. However, don't totally trash yourself either!


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