Monday, February 1, 2016

Getting Started

If you are not familiar with my book, Going Long, or endurance training, then you are going to need a starting point for training intensity.

Three things to remember:

1 - Make sure you can hit tomorrow's training. If you need to back off today, to train tomorrow then do it.

2 - Always leave yourself room to lift your effort in the second half (intervals, sets, workouts, weeks, months, seasons, races). Your best results will come from building a habit of always being strong at the end.

3 - Endurance training is about building our capacity to absorb WORK, not endure pain.

The starting guidelines are designed to give you the best shot at maximizing work across your season.

Here are more details on the links/articles that I mention in the start up video.

Our Personal Planning Tool - click through to access the Goggle Doc. Here's what you do:

  • save your own copy; and
  • insert your own information.

If you are an EC Team members then shrink the "share" URL at Bit.Ly and insert into your signature file on our forum. Place [URL] and [/URL] around the link to make it clickable. This really helps the coaches as we work from different computers.

Training Zones

To understand the "why" of training zones read this article on endurance breakpoints. That said, don't get totally wrapped up in the exact power/pace/HR that is implied by your zones.

FAR BETTER, learn the breath markers (and feelings) that are associated with the muscle fibre shifts as you ramp up intensity.

This chart will help you work across different zone descriptions.

The chart comes from this article by Alan Couzens.

This article on Smart Season Planning will help you learn from the past and shape your future!

You will find that your athletic patterns are mirrored in your larger life. When you crack-the-code on consistent athletic performance, you'll have lessons/techniques that you can bring into your family, and work, life.

While Endurance Corner focuses on triathlon, we're really in the business of aiding performance on the largest stage possible.

You might join us to become a better triathlete but we hope that you see value in all areas of your life.


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