Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Step Change

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Two months ago, via Rich Strauss’ twitter feed, I came to Tim Ferriss’ blog. I was skimming the blog and came across this question:

What one thing, if it happened, would change everything?

I’ve been asking myself that question, frequently, for the last three months. I came up with three items for my life:

  • Cash Flow Positive
  • Increased Email Efficiency
  • More Discretionary Time

Real change rarely happens without a crisis. Given that my life is very stable, I needed to manufacture my own crisis! It’s a useful technique for you to consider.

When we train, change happens slowly – so slowly that, most the time, we fail to see it. It can be the same in business – progress seems so slow that we might not realize the value that’s being created (or eroded).

To brainstorm where to take EC, I had conversations with a selection of the team. It was a good place to start because they know what we are really like – not what the coaches think we are like! They gave me a few tips that I will share because they are fundamental to creating a team, and building value.

  • Do you know why people are on your team?
  • Why would a team member stay on the team?
  • Who are the people that want to help you succeed?
  • Where are these helpers most capable?

There is something to be said for focusing on our strengths and letting a good brand build itself. However, the “crisis” of time & email, showed that I needed help!

With the right help… the cohesion of our team is enhanced. Cohesion creates value, value enables me to succeed at my larger mission of helping people help themselves.

So that’s the first development that’s happened. Marilyn McDonald and Jonas Colting are now on our coaching team. They will introduce themselves over time – I’ve known them both for nearly a decade and they have both helped me with my own athletic journey.

Marilyn and Jonas take our coaching team to seven.

As I wrote last week, our editorial is going daily (M-F) starting April 12th. I’ve assembled a group of writers that I respect and which are world-class experts in their field. Those are fine words… you’ll read the proof in their content.

A number of readers (you’re part of our team, too) have written asking if they can join the site. In a word… “soon”.

We are in the process of building an environment where you’ll be able to join our community and access our knowledge. If you’d like us to coach you… then we can do that. However, it won’t be a requirement.

Slowtwitch and Beginner Triathlete do an excellent job at what they do – we’re not going to be competing with them, or anyone really. What we want to offer is access to a group that is, collectively, unmatched in breadth and depth of endurance knowledge.

To prepare for the evolution of EC, I’ve set up a personal twitter account (gordo_68). The EC twitter account will continue to tell you all about Endurance Corner. It will still be me behind the curtain… but it’s going to be about you, and not about me.

What a novel concept…


Photo this week is the Cali awards ceremony for the Men's 40-44. My buddy Petro brings out the best in me. I'm fortunate to have a number of the fastest agegroupers in the world in my peer group. By hanging out together, fast becomes the "norm".

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