Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tired with Four Days to Go

Think that I’m back under -100 TSB. Feeling about as smoked as when I arrived at Turangi on the North Island.

More things that happen with the big training:

Fatigue Intoxication – a mixture of low blood sugar and endorphin overload. Has me feeling tired, but giddy.

Slurred speech – similar to the above but likely due to glycogen depletion. Didn’t eat enough on today’s ride – 4,233kj and I had three bottles High-5 sports drink, one banana, small piece carrot cake, mocha-latte and two chicken wraps. Was fine during exercise but hit a wall of fatigue post-ride and was slurring my speech (and staggering a bit).


We had a good swim this morning (33m outdoor pool). Cold so we wore wetsuits.

Used the Monsy 100s pattern:
Send off is… 1:35/1:30/1:25/1:20
1 of each then
2 of each then
3 of each.
Used paddles – held 1:20s for all but the one’s where we left on 1:20, for those I held 1:10s


Run was easy today – 2x2K to/from the pool. We have a big hill run scheduled for tomorrow morning. Godley Head loop, one of my favorites.

Need to get in bed and rest up now.

Have a lot of stuff in my head (from riding without music all day) but that will have to wait.

No changes in the overall classifications for the jersey leaders but I am TWO days behind on points! Need to get a window where I can catch up.

Quote of the day: “He always looks like he’s riding downhill” – Molina on Lordy


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