Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Reflections at Day Nine

My main writing goal for today is to write my wife a love letter. So this entry will be a bit shorter.

Petro and I joke that it would sure be nice to right a "real blog" to make a change from spinning the I'm-doing-great-tale that we've been telling you!

Monica will get my "real blog".

Actually, there isn't a whole lot of difference between reality and what you read here. The reason is that the trip is so extreme that we all go through a HUGE range of emotions each day. It is up to each of us to choose what we focus on. In that, attitude (and action) is more habitual than elective.

Read Steve-O's blog about yesterday when his trip just about exploded. I can _assure_ you that I wouldn't have been as cool a customer as him. You REALLY have yourself under control when the only thing that you yell at is the drain plug in your sink, then you apologize in public for the outburst. I hope he gets the honeymoon suite again so he can make it up to Jo for her having to "endure" his reaction. Once again, Steve offered me a lesson on how to be a competitor.

One of the really neat things about The Game is you get to observe what motivates and/or scares a lot of successful athletes. I think a lot of the crew get so tired that they struggle to step outside the situation and observe themselves. The first thing that I told John/Scott when Johno mentioned the film crew was, "do we really what to see ourselves when we are under that much stress"?

A good example is when the film van was on the climb yesterday and was lingering to get a good shot of the fireworks -- they just about lingered Scott right off the front by motorpacing him! They probably have a shot of me doing the one-armed crazy chicken dance waving them away before the road turned back into the gale... they asked me what I was going BANANAS about later.

Back to my original point - when I am under huge stress, I pay attention to what makes me angry as that points to my fears. I also try to note what I feel like I am "not getting" - that points to my deep motivations.

If you want to get something then make sure that you are giving it.

The main fears:

Being left behind - we must have a genetic programming for this one as it is near universal

Being weak - over the years I've learned that: (a) some people are stronger; and (b) you never know how hard another athlete is working // Week Two will flush that out!

The main motivators:

Love - you'd be surprised how often you can diffuse a burnt out person with a small amount of genuine care and attention. It needs to be genuine (and open) as many people carry pain that can react strongly to an offer of something they deeply desire.

Respect - this is a big one for athletes, especially when you are training with 20 (or so) Alpha-Dogs at Epic Camp. Most everyone here has won the respect of their peers back home as the Alpha-Dog. However, when you train with athletes that have won national titles and international races... you're really starting from scratch again.

We will see how I do in Week Two with the above - I expect to do a fair amount of riding alone (or with Petro) to keep my stress load under control.


That's it for today - should have the points done this evening.

Have a great day wherever you may be!


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