Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Newsom, More Changes & Addictive Progressions

Putting my Day 10 blog in the bag as I sense that tomorrow could be a bigger training day than scheduled. Plenty of folks talking about doing double swims and runs!

I wanted to put on record my thanks to Johno for organizing this trip.

There is a TON that goes on behind the scenes here at Epic and John's been putting the camp before his own training and enjoyment. A true professional. I just read in his blog that he's planning on opening it up a bit more on the bike so that might be interesting over the next few days. He crushed me on the KOM yesterday!

The route that we did down the North Island was excellent! I had no idea that there were roads/routes that great. I've been riding the main highways for years and missing out!

Other changes that happen on camp:

Short Term Memory Loss - we all have poor memories right now and are leaving stuff lying around.

Metabolic Shifts - we are quite warm all the time. Fortunately, the weather has been cool - that is a big help.

Night Sweats - when you are really on edge your body will occasionally burst into sweat in the middle of the night. Better pay attention when that happens!

As well as having one myself, I work for, and with, folks with addictive personalities.

Something I came across when reading about addiction was the concept that alcoholism is progressive. In thinking about many areas that attract type-A personalities (money, hedge funds, private equity, elite-amateur sport, mountaineering)... all of these areas have a progression associated with them.

When it comes to ultra-endurance, I think about my role as facilitator, role model and participant. I've talked about it with Mark Allen and sense that some of us, that have visited the limits of our personal endurance, feel conflicted about tempting people to explore a similar journey.

The obsession required for success at the top of any field can be embarrassing in hindsight. That said, spending a period of one's life trying to be truly excellent at something... there is value in that experience.

The fringe is an interesting place to visit - what I need to remember is that it isn't a sensible permanent location!


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