Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Day Ten Report

Didn't contest the KOM and felt great on the bike today. I think those maximal efforts _really_ take it out of the body. The guys that smashed the climb were pretty smoked by the end of the ride.

Very strong headwinds today that you can see in my bike file at TrainingPeaks. 3794kj, plenty of drafting and it still took 4.5 hrs to go 129KMs - that's a challenging ride.

With the rest day (yesterday) and the completion of the North Island (the day before that), a lot of the guys had themselves jazzed up to take-it-out fast. I'd been feeling a slight illness coming on so made an advance decision no to contest the KOM. Turned out to be a VERY good call as the pace was ON from the edge of town and that would have left a big mark (my CP120 was 246w, incl 0s) for my ride as it was so that might still overload my system. Time will tell!

Did a Greg Bennett main set on the bike -- alternate songs on the iPod -- 1 song threshold, 1 song steady. You can see that from 2.5 to 4.0 hrs in the file.

Morning was a favorite swim of mine from Monica...
500, 5x100
400, 4x100
300, 3x100
200, 2x100
100, 100

Third person rest interval and for the 100s we did odds IM. Felt really good in the water (always do when I swim often) and Lordy let me lead.

Snuck in a nap on arrival and have an easy run scheduled for just before dinner. Some of the lads are out doing mega runs - my jog to the Seal Colony, and back, will be plenty.

HUGE day scheduled for tomorrow - 180K to Christchurch with some tough rollers.

I want to share some thoughts on Weenie Training at some stage. I've had them in my head for a few months. Perhaps tomorrow -- need to get my legs up for a bit.

One last observation -- we saw SNOW today down to about 400meters on the mountains outside Kaikoura -- pretty cold today with weather coming direct from Antarctica. I was bundled up all day!

Wetsuit swim tomorrow morning -- might bring my neoprene skull cap as well.

Molina told me that I have to deduct 5s per 100 from the swim split target so that means 20x100 leaving on 1:15 for the bonus points -- not going to make that so will likely cruise 3K with wettie and paddles. Perhaps the Monsy 100s using 1:35-1:20 send off?


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