Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Changes and What We Eat

Had some questions about the changes that happen during extreme training as well as what we eat.

If you check out the team blog then you'll see a summary of what a few of the campers eat. There is a lot of variation between campers due to a few factors:

Size - we have campers ranging in height from 5 feet to 6-8. So there is a big difference in the amount of energy required to move our bodies due to mass. As well, there is a HUGE difference based on how well you can sit in the bunch, as well as which bunch you ride with.

Metabolic Fitness - we have super efficient campers (Steve Lord) and big engine campers (Mark Pietrofesa).

The big engine guys need to eat a lot; and they need to keep the sugar going in ALL day long. Rob Q was spotted drinking 2L of cola out of a pitcher at the end of a ride - I haven't had any cola yet (but I have had a lot of sports drink). The big guys need to eat constantly - small meals across the day as well as food before bed. If a big engine guy bonks then he's totally stuffed.

The efficient athletes, like Steve, can survive with limited calories (and drinks) when they want to. This is a big advantage in racing as well as on the long days. They tolerate depletion really well and can keep themselves ticking over with limited calories, if required. For me, the key lies in consistent nutrition that strictly limits sugar to the minimum required for aerobic function. I favor fats heavily for supplemental calories but... when you are riding big miles, point-to-point then that isn't always possible.



Not a lot of physical changes appear at camp but there are a few...

Healing - some folks will stop healing, get mouth ulcers, and have cold sores appear -- all signs of extreme immune stress.

Soreness - we get really sore when we run lots, and run fast on depleted legs. In Hong Kong we always had a saying... NEVER run on dry legs. That was the worst form of damage - running when dehydrated.

Mental Changes

This is where the real changes happen. When you are under as much fatigue/physical stress as we have here... your true nature comes out or... it becomes tougher to hide behind a facade.

There can be a lot of ups and downs -- anger; fatigue; euphoria; -- I think that the extreme fatigue has us default to the emotional pathways that are most commonly used. The truly positive people (Steven, Tara)... it's like they are on happy drugs. No matter how drilled they are, they keep their positive attitudes. These people are extremely valuable to have in a squad.


Just biked today - ~200K and 5400 kj

Feel surprisingly good given that the ride included a lot of strong effort riding and a 13K KOM - Superman won that (Clas).


Steven in Yellow

Jo in Green for doing the climb then hanging with the A-Group the entire day

Petro in Red but David Craig closing the gap

KOM remains me but my days are numbered as Clas is getting stronger and stronger!

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