Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Epic Camp - Day Five

Epic Camp is hard and Steven Lord is strong!


Got a little British Motorpacing in the middle of today's ride and it certainly left a mark! Scott's named Lord Steven the TGV and he lived up to his billing today!

Ride was ~6 hours with 182K of riding - ~4300 kjs and a heck of a lot of climbing.

Managed a good wetsuit and paddles swim but my running assumed zombie-training-pace. Petro and I ran ~8.5K, pulled into the BK Lounge then I walk-jogged back to the motel. A just get it done run. Steve ran 20K to take back Yellow. The guy deserves it as he's holding up really well and has a great attitude. He's fun to have around.

I'm going to have my hands full with getting through the camp! With this is mind, I'm going to take a tactical recovery day (if you can call 200K of riding with a KOM, recovery). My main concern is our 12-hour rule... you have to finish your training for the day 12 hrs after you start.

With the logistics, headwinds and structure of tomorrow... I was worried that I'd have to TT the final two hours of the ride then run a fast 10K to get my swim/bike/run bonus. I might make that but... there is a 200K ride as well as a rumored aquathon in the following 48 hrs and I don't want to smoke myself.

So it's wide open for Steve - he has a good shot to get a gap in the competition.


Lex is now speaking (Ball and Bird are her first words) and I miss my wife (HI HONEY!).

OK, gotta sleep. I get to sleep in until 7am tomorrow. Luxury.

At Epic Camp, everything is relative!


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