Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Free Cycling Power Boost Module

I have put together a free PDF that contains a six-week cycling module that is focused on lifting your LT, Threshold and VO2max cycling performance.

With these workouts you will be tempted to blast yourself once your HR gets up. That is a mistake. Save your best for race day!

First up, what am I assuming about you?

  • You completed a full season of triathlon training;
  • You have finished a base phase (EC Base Plans); and
  • You are time and/or weather limited.

The last point is important because there is an endurance cost of backing off on the volume and focusing on intensity. Most of the athletes that I work with are limited far more by stamina, than short duration power. That said, this module contains a weekly LT-session, which will benefit athletes of all levels.

If you happen to have additional time in your week then consider tacking on easy/steady volume for the weekend rides in weeks two, four and six. As a rough guide, you should aim for work (measured in kilojoules) equal to about 75% of your normal long ride. If you don’t have a powermeter then use distance as a proxy.

This module is most useful if placed in the following areas of your season:

  • After Base Phase to prepare for a short-course racing season;
  • Spring to prepare for an early-season Half Ironman race;
  • Starting 21-25 weeks out from a late-season Ironman race; and
  • In summer (for athletes coping with intense heat) and seeking a late-season peak.

As a coach, I’ve used this protocol in all of the above situations. This would also be the protocol that I would use to lift my functional threshold power (FTP) prior to an event, or course, where FTP performance was limiting

The intensity descriptions can be referenced using:

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Hope you enjoy.