Monday, February 1, 2016

You Will Survive

by Marilyn McDonald

We just had the pleasure of hosting another great EC training camp with another amazing group of athletes.

One thing I can recall saying more than once throughout the training camp to people is, "You will survive."

There were many moments when people looked tired from the training, sore from the roads and hours on the bike or put under pressure. In each of those moments I looked at them and said, "You know, you'll survive."

In my own personal triathlon career I can remember many occasions where I seriously thought I was going to die. Stretched beyond what I thought I could do... hot, pressured, exhausted, pushed to my limit. In each of these moments I thought there is no way this is doing me any good, never mind wondering if I would be okay.

It's too often we see athletes take the road of, "I was too tired," "I don't want to go that slow," "I have too many this or that," ...and another reason (or 50) why they couldn't possibly bear this moment for one more second.

The truth those moments over the last decade are what I remember the most. It's those moments that have made the greatest stories and have been the source of the strength to achieve a big goal in a race. It's even those moments that have defined me as an athlete and a person.

My number one lesson is to remember you'll always make it out alive; you'll be okay.

Always have a good sense of humor and open yourself to trying because you never know what opportunity it will bring.

...and if all else fails you might just need a nap or a coke -- at least you'll know you're alive!

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