Monday, February 1, 2016

Strength Training Discussion with IMTalk

by Justin Daerr

Earlier this month, IMTalk posted a question on their Facebook page about strength training:

“What type of strength training do you do (if at all), and do you believe it actually makes you better/fast”?

You can find their listeners’ comments on their FB page (posted January 6) here.

There are variety of motivations for strength training (as a triathlete), which you will see in the comments, and Bevan, John and I spoke at length about some of them.

My own motivation for the incorporation of more strength training came from a desire to put on more (good) weight following a long racing season.

A variety of other motivations were discussed: injury prevention, long term health, strength loss with older age, and more.

You can hear the entire conversation on the latest IMTalk podcast.

Justin Daerr is a professional triathlete and co-owner of Endurance Corner. You can follow him on Twitter @justindaerr.
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