Monday, February 1, 2016

Persistance Pays

by Gordo Byrn

My buddy, Dan, qualified for Kona at Ironman Texas. I wanted to share some highlights from his journey.

Quite often, I’m asked to put together a 9-12 week program for Kona qualification. Dan’s journey with me took 14 years and goes back to when I started coaching.

Highlights and some key take-aways:

20 Ironman starts going back to 2000.

Heart surgery in December 2008 -- despite presenting as “very fit,” he knew something was wrong and was proactive with seeking evaluation followed by treatment. Even when we are sick, we will present as “healthy” to our docs. Be proactive when you get heart warning signs, or have an unexplained decline in performance.

Far more than “ten thousand” endurance hours! Dan started from scratch in 1999, at the age of 42.

A decade-long restructuring of his work life to enable him to commit to blocks of highly-focused training. Control your schedule and focus on recovery to get the most out of your potential.

A focus on races that can scare other people (including me). Dan does well at races that can be very challenging -- Ironman Louisville and Ironman Texas, where he qualified.

Long-term persistence -- he came very, very close a number of times.

Year round dedication towards improving his limiters for qualification.

It made me happy to see Dan earn his slot. He put a lot into the journey, and we learned a ton along our journey.

Thanks for bringing me along for the ride!

Gordo is the founder of Endurance Corner. You can find his personal blog at

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