Monday, February 1, 2016

Creating Your Kona Magic

Sue asked me for an abridged version of Qualifying For Kona. Given that’s she’s qualified more recently than me, I hope she shares her keys to the magic kingdom.

Focus on three things: Schedule, Joy and One-Thousand Days.

1) Schedule - Gain control of, and simplify, your schedule.

  • Create a simple routine that you can complete each week
  • Don’t worry about what you do
  • Work towards your goals at the rate that fits your reality

2) Joy - I experience an unreasonable pleasure from exercise and fatigue. Where there is a huge time investment involved, make sure you enjoy the journey.

I meet too many athletes who think a result will bring them happiness. If the process is a burden then consider if your time is better spent elsewhere.

3) One-Thousand Days - At the beginning of my elite career, I turned up in Christchurch to train with Scott Molina. Scott told me to give it three years. After three years, he said that I would have an idea if I had potential for the sport.

Scott was absolutely correct and I pass his advice to you...

  • Structure a 1,000 day apprenticeship to learn what is required to tap your ultimate potential
  • Pay attention to choices that cause you to miss training
  • Make a habit of removing mistakes, rather than constantly adding stress
  • Focus on the fundamentals

The details are important but you’ll have thousands of hours to pick those up, and no shortage of experts offering their advice.

Good luck with your Kona Quest!

Gordo is the founder of Endurance Corner. You can find his personal blog at

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