Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Top Takeaways from 2013

by Gina Kehr

We may be a little into 2014 already, but as I sit back and reflect on 2013 and think about what worked in my coaching and what I can improve on, I can not help but think about each athlete I coached and what they have taught me. I learn so much from each athlete I work with and together we have a relationship that is unique to itself. I am truly blessed to be able to work with such a wide range of athletes. From youth beginners to the veteran senior, for 12 weeks or three years, I want to thank all my athletes for all the experiences you taught me in 2013. Below are my “top takeaways for 2013.”

  1. Consistently applying proven coaching principles overtime produces dramatic results.

  2. Mental resolve, the fourth discipline, must be trained consistently to produce consistent results.

  3. Collegiate triathlon, a team sport, is the pipeline for learning, development and growth in our sport. If you’re given the opportunity to participate, you must take it.

  4. Even under the least ideal circumstance, one can be prepared for Kona in 12 weeks -- of course you must apply the first and second takeaway from above.

  5. Training and racing Ironman at 60 years of age can be an amazing journey.

  6. Working with true rookies is a wonderful experience. From the first interaction of, “I have no swim, bike or run background and I am doing an Ironman in 12 weeks, can you help me?” to the famous finish line can only be described in one sentence: “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities.”

  7. Smiling and attitude is everything.

  8. Sprint distance nationals is like training someone for the 50 free. The start, the turn (transitions) and finish make a difference between 1st and 10th place.

  9. Commitment, dedication and fearlessness will take you everywhere.

  10. Even in your 20s you need to have a recovery period.

  11. The act of simply participating in triathlon can teach you more about life than crossing any finish line first.

Gina Kehr was a professional athlete for 15 years, competing in events ranging from Olympic Trials to Ironman World Championships, where she achieved five Top 10 finishes in her career. She coaches athletes of all levels and all distances. Her experience comes from her journey as a novice age group triathlete who quickly worked her way to becoming an established professional triathlete. Gina also works with the Stanford Tri team, is a coach with Stanford Masters and leads a squad of short and long course athletes. You can read more about Gina at AffinityMultisport.com.
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