Monday, February 1, 2016

"The Best of Endurance Corner" - Now Available!

Endurance Corner has been a leading resource for long course triathlon training and racing advice. In our first “Best of” book, we’ve pulled together advice from our team of experts to help guide you to iron-distance success, focusing on five key content areas:

  • Setting up a successful season
  • Executing your race plan
  • Using training camps to slingshot you past your competition
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle
  • Developing mental strength

The book isn't just a reprint of our most popular articles. Instead, we’ve re-examined and revised content, identified major themes and consolidated that information into a format to help you get the most out of Endurance Corner’s extensive knowledge base.

The Best of Endurance Corner is available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook for $9.99.

If you don’t have a Kindle device, free Kindle reading apps are available for most devices as well as desktop and cloud versions.

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