Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Swim Challenge

Every year we set aside a couple weeks to up our swim training from our normal levels. While doing so, we put together a game to earn points to encourage a friendly competition.

Steel Challenge Follow Up

We recently wrapped up another successful Endurance Corner Steel Challenge. Everyone did a great job of picking up heavy things and putting them back down again.

Race Planning

Races fill up fast these days. It's likely you are looking at planning out your 2016 race calendar or have finished it up already. When athletes come to me to go over planning their race calendars these are some things I consider:

Your Real Off Season

It's the off season. What does this mean, exactly? It's different for every athlete. With so much access to everyone on social media it's easy to get confused about what you should be doing.

Kona Qualifier: Ray Picard

Last year EC athlete, Dan Dungan (Dan-O), qualified for Kona after racing Ironmans for 15 years. Dan-O is always a fan favorite at camps and races and seeing him succeed brought a lot of joy to our team and to his long time friend and coach, Gordo Byrn.

Consistent High Performance Racing

In 2015 I competed in three long distance races (70.3) and three full distance races (140.6). I won two long distance races and podiumed in all but one of the others (finished 7th in my age group). After this season, I am sitting here with a glass of bourbon and a cigarette.

Return of the Big Steel Challenge

Our annual Big Steel Challenge kicks off on November 30 and will run for five weeks through the first weekend of January.

Now in it's sixth iteration, the challenge is straightforward: track the amount of weight you lift for one month.

The System

After watching thousands of triathlons and literally hundreds of ironmans over the years from every different perspective there is one thing that has always stood out to me -- from the professional ranks right down to the very last finisher on every different type of course you can imagine.

Understanding and Making the Commitment to be Consistent

This is a great time of year to reflect on understanding what a commitment to qualifying for a world championship really entails. In the past three months we have had three world championships take place and many of us are winding down and taking a much needed rest from the season.

The Secret to Getting to Worlds

Over the years I’ve had many athletes qualify for World Championships of all distances -- Kona, 70.3, Duathlon, Xterra and ITU - from every age group, up to professional.

Good Luck to the EC Team at Kona

Good luck to the Endurance Corner squad racing Kona this weekend!

Justin Daerr (MPro)

Declan Doyle (M40-44)

Gail Hughes (F60-64)

Jenny Lorenz (F50-54)

Owen Martin (M40-44)

Martin Muldoon (M40-44)

Michael Perry (M30-34)

Dennis Woodside (M45-49)

Ray Picard (M30-34)

Walk Before You Run

A lot of good coaches recommend sending their athletes out for some long walks. If you are coming back from injury, illness or are very early in your run base development it’s a good idea to include very long and maybe even weighted walks in your programs.

Swimming Off the Beaten Path - Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race

I recently returned from Istanbul, Turkey, where I swam in the 6.5-km Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race. Sometimes it’s fun to try something different. I had a terrific time and thought I’d share the tale.

Preventing Overreaching: Are You Paying Attention?

Each year one of my goals is to attend a camp with a top coach. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend Coach Darren Smith's (aka Coach Daz) camp in San Diego. Darren has had great success with Olympic level athletes.

Prepare to Win

Every year, thousands of triathletes come up with some wonderful goals at the beginning of a season: complete their first triathlon, set a new personal best, lose 50 pounds, make the top 50% of their USA Triathlon age-group rankings, podium at their local race, qualify for the world championships, earn an elite l

Talking Open Water Swimming

Marilyn spoke with coach Bryan Mineo about all things open water swimming.

Listen to the interview

Bridging Ironmans Redux

Recently, I decided to race back-to-back Ironmans across a 21-day time period: Ironman Canada-Whistler and Ironman Mont-Tremblant in Quebec; finishing 3rd and 2nd respectively. At the end of 2013, I did back-to-back Ironmans (Florida and Cozumel) across a 29-day time period.

Up and Over

A few years after I started my business, I approached a business broker about selling. Profits were bleak and the hours were long.

The Heat is On!

I live in the Memphis-metro area and we are in the middle of summer. That means daily temperatures of 90 F or greater, morning humidity of 95-100% and heat indexes topping out at 110 F or more! This can be normal for multiple parts of the US and many areas around the world during summer.

The Urge to Tinker

Now that summer and the racing season are in full swing, you’re probably feeling pretty good.

If you are not feeling speedy, or if you have a goal to be speedy beyond the end of August, then consider scheduling a deep recovery week somewhere in the next 45 days.

Setting Expectations: Racing After Defeat

I remember my worst nightmare race like it was yesterday. What I remember most was how humiliated I felt, how insecure I felt and how hard it was to stay positive while preparing to race again.

Two "Go To" Swim Workouts

All athletes I know have a few “go to” workouts up their sleeves. These are the type of workouts that we tend to pull out when nothing is planned in stone, but something needs to get done.

Lately, the following two workouts have been a couple of my go-to swim sessions.

Session 1

This Too Shall Pass

If you are going to play hard, at some point you are going to acquire an injury.

Managing Your Coach

Following up on Sue’s and Marilyn’s recent articles, here are some additional ideas for managing your coach.

Early Racing Equals Learning

We have come to a point in the season where some athlete are getting ready to race for the first time while some already have a race in the bank.

Deciding to DNS

On April 11, our editor sent me an email with the following:

“I had an article idea for you which has come up from me wanting to ask a question on the forum, but thought it could have broader reach as an article on the main site: Deciding to DNS.”

Descending Presentation from EC Tucson 2015

Coach Marilyn presents advice on descending and bike handling.

Talks like these are a premium feature of EC's annual training camps.

Early Season Racing Should Be Individualized

Holy moly it is May and triathlon season is officially starting -- well that is for all you age groupers out there. I, however, recently returned from South Carolina coaching the Stanford Triathlon team at the Collegiate Triathlon National Championship.

Thinking I'm One Behind

As we head into summer and training load increases, you may find your nutrition and training start becoming erratic.

There is nothing quite like a big increase in stress to flush out any weaknesses in our overall approach.

One sign that you’re on edge will be a frequent feeling that you’re “one behind.”

Triathlon is Boring

Don’t get me wrong, I love training. I love racing. I even love watching other athletes competing. The closer the athlete is to me, be it a close friend, an athlete I coach, or even my wife, the more I enjoy cheering. To me triathlon is very exciting, but maybe I should explain a little more.